A Message from the President

It is an honor to serve as President of the KTC and I truly appreciate the trust placed in me by the Board and its membership. My commitment is to work hard and lead this organization in a manner that will demonstrate my love for this Association and to ensure that the Council grows and prospers. Before I outline my goals for the upcoming year, I wish to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Bob Rogers. For the past two years, Bob has provided stability and guidance through some difficult times and has played a significant role with initiating some opportunities that will be evident for years to come.

One of my goals is to grow our membership. The number of current KTC members is about half of the total from ten years ago. While there is a number of reasons for this drop off, I believe that it is critical for us to focus on the future and identify ways to improve the overall user experience. That starts with developing and enhancing deeper relationships and better communications with all of the allied associations; including all of the regional golf associations, KySTMA and the Lawn Care Industry. Additionally, we need to strive to create better opportunities and benefits for both large and small employers that will encourage greater participation & benefits for memberships, and involvement in our association. For this to be accomplished, and to stay current with trends, we need to evolve – we need to “CHANGE” things, that while they may have worked in the past, or no longer effective. The last two Fall Conferences, you have started to see some of that as we moved away from a Trade Show and implemented a Vendor Sponsored Social Event. I will speak now from a golf industry view point. Way back in the day we needed KTC educational opportunities, as well as those from the allied associations, to secure CEU’s. In today’s world, there is so many of those same opportunities available online. You don’t even have to leave your office for seminars that offer GCSAA points, which are offered by the manufacturers, national associations, etc. Future events need to have that element of change and provide speakers and topics that appeal to all. We also need to offer, as part of the Fall Conference, something that will “separate” us from other organizations and conferences. That leads me to my second focus point: “The KTC to the GIE+EXPO”. For the past 9 months, the KTC has been working with officials from the GIE+EXPO, and I’m happy to announce that we will be holding our 2016 Fall Conference in conjunction with the GIE+EXPO next October 19-21, 2016. More information is forthcoming, but plan for a completely new, exciting event next October – one that will provide the separation mentioned above.

Please mark your calendars and save the dates for our next event. The 2016 Short Course will be held Feb. 23-25 at the Paroquet Springs Conference Centre, located in Shepherdsville, KY. This is a new location and offers a variety of hotels and restaurants within close proximity to the Conference Centre. Pesticide Training and Testing will be on Tuesday, Feb. 23 with the concurrent sessions and Trade Show on Wednesday and Thursday the 24 & 25th. More information and registration links will be available on the web-site as soon as it’s available.

In closing, and as we enter into the Holiday Season, I hope all will have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the Holidays. If you have to travel, please do so safely.

Hope to see everyone at Short Course.

Chuck Breitenbach